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12 August 2010

Beetroot & Orange Chutney Recipe

Beetroot & Orange Chutney. 

Well my blog seems to becoming very food focused at the moment, but please bear with me crafters more stuff for your enjoyment will appear soon.  But for now my latest recipe, which came about as my Mum delivered a huge bag of fresh dug beets to us. I hope you enjoy.

You'll need:

1lb of Beetroot(I think, sorry I didn't measure it it was about 1 large bunch)
3 large oranges
2 onions
3 apples
500g soft brown sugar
2 bottles of Red wine vinegar(enough to cover ingredients) can be substituted with other vinegar if needed
Tbsp Ground mixed spice
Tbsp Coriander seeds
Tbsp Mustard seeds

Cut up beetroot(you may wear gloves to do this,but I like the pink finger look), apple,and onion into small pieces, place in pan, add the juice and zest from the oranges. 
Add all spices and sugar then stir and small the lovely chunky mixture, pour the red wine vinegar over it all, and bring to the boil then simmer till beetroot will mush, it took about hour and 20minutes for mine.
Give it all a good mash up, and thoroughly stir before placing in sterilised jars.
You should leave it to mature for a month but it does taste nice straight away, we had it with cheese sandwiches which was just yummy. 
It will last a month after opening if kept in a fridge but you'll eat it before then. Oh and it smells of Christmas. Lovely.

Enjoy Amanda.

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