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29 August 2010

Summer Holidays in Somerset

Sorry for lack of posts but we're been to lovely Somerset for our annual family holiday, and when I say family I mean it.  
Us, plus Sue & Dave (Mother/Father in law), Claire & Lee (Sister & Brother in law), Ben & Josh (their children) and Bonnie & Fox(the 2 dogs). 
Wow quite a crowd,we were lucky to be staying a beautiful house near Taunton called Thorncombe and could have fit some more people in if needed it was that spacious. 
We went on quite a few excursions while on holiday, so I'll probably split them over a few posts and play a bit of catch up with other news.
One of the first days out was to Weston-Super-Mare which will be lovely when finished, it looks like most British seaside towns only the building fa├žades look less worn down,don't get me wrong I'm not slating the place, as we didn't venture from the beach end we only have that to go from.  But there was so much building work going across the whole beach area it was hard to see past all the metal poles. 
This is Lucas and I walking the promenade using our Snugbaby sling, it was fab to snuggle as we kept very warm & had a nice chat walking round. Although I really hope that's the wind inside my coat puffing it out & I don't really look like that! 
However we had a great time, we went to the SeaQuarium which all the children loved, and as you got your hand stamped so you could go in any time we visited it again later to see them feed The Rays before heading back to the house.
Maisie,Ben & Josh enjoyed the wall walking, & we had the best fish and chip dinner sat here although I was watchful of the huge seagulls, children love eating outside but not so much after a bird swoops off with it.
The kids(& Claire & Lee) had a ride on the little train that takes you from one end of the beach till the other & filled up with donuts as well., while we gave the dogs a well earned walk.A nice day out & start to our holiday.


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