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1 September 2010

Groundhog Day!

Well after a day chilling out on the Bouncilene as it was renamed by Josh & Maisie, we headed back yo Longleat for day 2 adventuring there.

We did some spinning on the cups, just watching them go round & round made me feel a little sick.
We also went on the little steam train that goes past over parts of the park.
And got lost in the Maze, well we did let Maisie choose the way to go.
We visited the small animal area, full of Bunnies,Parrots,small furries,and creepies to hold.
 Maisie spotted this lovely Groundhog watching everyone, he was so still that she thought he was stuffed.
But as soon as she turned round he looked up at her, when I told her he'd moved and she turned back round...
He went right back to where he was before
 I nearly fell over laughing and Maisie thought I was trying to trick her.
We ended our Longleat trip in the Adventure playground area, you could have spent a whole day just in this part, & the adults enjoyed it as much as the children, although adults aren't allowed down the slides,
Naughty Grandad.

The whole Longleat experience was very enjoyable, and I'd happily go back. Using the Clubcard points made it cheaper & as the passport tickets covered one entry for everything and you can go back again & again.
I think we will.

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