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31 August 2010

Lions and Tigers and Groundhogs, Oh my.

By far the part of the holiday I(everyone else as well) was looking forward to was visiting Longleat although I was disappointed to find that Ben Fogle in not kept there as a permanent attraction.
We booked our tickets ahead using our Tesco Clubcard vouchers which was really worth it, & you get a passport ticket allowing you to visit most of the attractions once while you're there. Our plan was to do everything in one day, but on the the first day there after the safari we realised there was still a whole day of stuff to do.
When we first got there we headed for the safari tour, you're given a CD to listen to as you go round, you go through the Giraffe,Zebra and Gazelle enclosure first, then an aviary section, then the Tigers, Lions and Wolves.
The Lions were my favourite, they were all sunbathing and all the animals looked cared for and seemed to enjoy their environments. There was safety notices everywhere which the staff should maybe take a better look at, you may notice the chap above fast asleep with his window open. We were a little worried as our clutch made an awful smell going round as you keep starting & stopping when you see an animal.
After the safari and a picnic stop we went off to go on the boat tour, we watched the Merecats while waiting.  This is Lucas having a little cuddle with Grandma Sue, while a Merecat stands watch in the background.

The boat tour was really good, we rode on the Lady Lenka boat. Maisie was a little disappointed by the sleepy Hippos which just looked like big rocks, but then the guide started to feed the Sealions & 2 jumped out right next to us.

We also past Gorilla Island, the half-acre home of Nico the Lowland Gorilla.
Nico likes nothing more than to watch the passengers on the boats as they journey past his island. He also enjoys a variety of creature comforts including his own centrally-heated miniature stately home with satellite television. 
Although he looks grumpy that is actually a happy Gorilla.

We had a stomp through the lovely gardens.
Longleat House looked beautiful but with 4 children we didn't risk going round, especially with Capt.Chaos that is Lucas, who spend most his time climbing stuff he shouldn't.
All the children really enjoyed the Postman Pat village which was great except when you leave you have to go via a giftshop, an evil thing for all parents.
We ended the day with an ice-cream & then headed back to the cottage for a swim.
And after all that I think I was more tired than the children.

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  1. Ha ha, just remembered the title. The groundhog is in the next Longleat post.


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