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20 September 2010

Roses are red,pink,blue,orange,green...

So it turns out there are some great benefits to Maisie being at school, and that's getting some crafting time back, and boy have I being making the most of it. Below is my rainbow of Rose corsages I've been working on, they look so pretty, but I'm not sure if they need leaves before I put them in the shop.
What do you think? Maybe felt ones with fabric trims, hmm.
Would you like to see any different colours?
I'm also trying to work on a crocheted jewellery range, more on that soon.
The wool I use for these Roses is Rico Creative Cotton, which is a beautiful fibre for crochet, it doesn't split and glides through your fingers. 
I've been using this cotton for ages, collecting a little range of colours but thought it was a little expensive in my LYS at £2.50 per ball, & had my fears confirmed that I'm being locally ripped of by those smiling old ladies when I Googled it and found this lovely shop, First4Yarns selling it at £1.50. And what's worse is that I always read Attic 24 blog and Lucy had previously blogged about this yarn & where to buy it from.So I have now learnt my lesson, even though I'm a crusader for buying locally I think with this yarn I be getting it from First4Yarns. Look at the lovely pile I've still got left, sat there in all it's yarny goodness.

This brings me to my other exciting news, on the 4th October I'll be running my first craft workshop at Weft Studio in Carlisle, on how to make these Roses and after that date I'll publish the pattern here for you all to have a go.

Love Amanda.x.


  1. Yeah for the Roses, they look fab and I can't wait to make one!

  2. the roses are lovely - I do love a corsage!!


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