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20 September 2010

Too cool for school.

Sorry for the bloggy gap but I've getting my head round Maisie's first couple of weeks at school, I'd taken a couple of weeks of work so I could be home for her, but it was a shock how much I worry about her while she's at school.  
I don't think that is anything to do with her however, Maisie is a tough cookie who takes everything in her stride, and has been at nursery while I go to work.  The only wobble she had was on the 4th morning when she asked where am I going tomorrow? when I explained "school again Sweetie" all I got was "school again I've been there loads already". 
No I think my worry stems from my unhappy school days, I all ways felt like an outsider, had few real friends(although I still have the same ones) and was bullied, I worry constantly about these things for Maisie, I'm sure I'm not the only mother to think about it though, and not all my school days were bad but when you send your child off in the morning it's the bad ones you remember. 
Maisie is already coming back being rewarded House points for good conduct and telling me about her friends, so I think she'll take after my sister Barbara in school and be Awesome Girl(more about sis in a later post) and I couldn't be happier about that.
Lucas & Maisie on her first day, he really misses his big Sis when she goes to school but his talking is coming on leaps and bounds now he can get a word in edgeways.
My beautiful Maisie looking very grown up, Love you Sweetie.


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