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9 May 2011

Drowning under a sea of chocolate

 So I'm still playing catch up with my blog, but give me a break I'm a busy Mummy with my hands full with cheeky children and drowning under waves of shiny tin foiled covered chocolate. Thankfully over Easter time we got a lovely package from Kelloggs (thanks) which contained a lovely baking kit, lots of cake topping goodness and instructions on making a Marshmallow Rice Mummy Head, which you won't find here as myself-esteem couldn't handle it.
However it gave me ideas for using up the huge amounts of chocolate we had by making classic Rice Krispie cakes and as we were still feeling patriotic from the Royal Wedding some marshmallow square flags(hmmm they didn't quite turn out).
Above is Maisie and Lucas quality checking chocolate before breaking it up into the bowl for melting, I love that Maisie choose to accessorize her chefs hat with flower clips, she's becoming so girly now.
Lucas did have some hat trauma but we quickly turned into chef hat peep po, although he didn't really enjoy the baking he loved the dressing up of it all.
Lucas is going through the stage of not liking his hands being dirty, which didn't help when we came to making marshmallow cakes, my plan was to put in on a baking tray, smooth out and then decorate like a Union Jack. 
However, what we made was not an easy substance to use, Maisie thought it looked like an alien from Dr Who, and all 3 of us became attached by goopy melting marshmallow. 
Maisie and I loved it but Lucas ran to the sofa and the comfort of an un-messy Peppa Pig. 
We couldn't get it to flat on a tray so I wrestled it into cases and see to on the roll of master decorator, covering them in dolly mixtures and icing.

I think she did a great job, the cakes above if you squint, who am I kidding they won't look like a flag, but they taste great and the chocolate Krispie cakes, well you can't beat a classic.
Thank you for reading.


  1. Hi Amanda,
    I was wondering if I could use your gorgeous pictures of your kids baking, on the netmums site? We will be talking about the joys of baking together at Easter, and your images really bring it to life. I would of course send some cerial to say thank you?!
    Kind regards,
    Sarah O'Brien
    Rice Krispies Assistant Brand Manager (Kelloggs)

  2. Thank Sarah,I'd love to and have emailed you.


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