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14 May 2011

Maisie Simone Ryan- A birth story.

WARNING: This contains details of childbirth, if you're a bit squeamish do not read.

I've been blogging (well intermittently) for a few years now, about craft, food and mostly my family but I've never spoke about the start of their journey.  
Today is my daughters 5 birthday and I thought it fitting to start with her birth story, we knew already our baby was a girl as I found out at the 20week scan, and although we had some problems with very bad morning sickness(I lost 2 stone), and thinking I had gestational diabetes(she was just big) my pregnancy went without a hitch. 
We'd already choose her name, Maisie is a Scottish form of Margaret(Stu's Grandma's name) and Simone after my favourite singer Nina Simone. 
Then she just didn't turn up, my due date was May 1st, and it ticked past without a twinge, I was very big, tired and bored, I wanted to see my baby. 
I tried every urban myth in the book to get started, pineapple, sex, Castor Oil, hot currys but nothing.
So on May 13th I went in to be induced, now I have a hatred of hospitals and my worst nightmare was that I'd have to stay in, so having to be induced was not exactly part of my birth plan.
I was shown to the room, met my midwife who explained the process(eek) of induction using prostaglandin gel/tablet inserted into the cervix, and then when done it was back to waiting...and waiting...and waiting OMG where the hell was my baby? Three times I'd had the gel/tablet inserted, not slept all night as it gave me pains and backache(they gave me sleeping tablets which just made me feel weird but not sleepy) and was attached to a baby monitor recording her heart beat, in the morning I was only 2cm dilated, I nearly cried when she said that. 
It was now 11.30ish, they thought a drip with oxytocin may help the process,oh yes my other fear needles, hell what else could they throw at me? So feeling thoroughly prodded, poked, in pain and tired; they stuck a huge needle in my hand, and sent me off to have a lovely hot bath. Hubby went home to feed the cat, with orders to sneak a Burger King back in for me as I'd not eaten anything and let everyone know nothing had happened yet.
I was sat in the bath for 15minutes trying to ignore the hand pain and just relax, I remember chatting to my bump watching it move around, asking what was wrong with me? why don't you want to meet Mummy? 
Then I felt pain, not the achy stuff, I'd had previously but searing hot pain right down my spine, and causing stars in my eyes, I was very scared, it was so sudden I rang the bell. Nothing. Rang it again, and again. Tried to move, nothing but more white hot pain. 

I would like to say at this point I have no bad feelings towards the Midwives, they had 3 staff on call that night, 2 have to be present at each delivery and 18 babies were born that weekend.
You do the maths, and having heard of other experiences aboard I love our NHS.
One lady who was 9months pregnant, on going into labour went to A&E instead of maternity and ending up having her baby on the floor there, they tell you to go maternity for a reason,some babies are eager to get out.

So taking a deep breath I climbed out the bath, got my robe on and staggered back to the room, drip in tow.
Stu returned, with my Burger King, to find me curled up in a ball rocking and weeping on the floor(I think I told him to shove the burger) the midwife was behind him.  She discovered they'd put the drip up too high giving me a large dose of oxytocin, hence the pain and I'd gone from 2cm to 10cm in about half hour, thankfully then I got gas and air. I'd love to be one of these amazing people who give birth without drugs in fields etc, but I'm not we have pain medication, why not use it? 
All time is a bit hazy from this point, I remember asking to go on holiday to Whitehaven(must be the drugs),think I had a catheter, it being commented on how big a baby she was, tearing (alot) being cut and then, wow, a baby, my beautiful 9lb 6ozs amazing baby. 
They passed me my baby, Stu cut the cord and she was laid on my chest. She could lift her head up and opened her eyes, and latched on for her first feed. I refused to go to surgery to be stitched for my 4th degree tear(I'd have to stay overnight if I did)and demanded to go home as soon as I could, I think they got fed up of me moaning as they let me. 
Maisie Simone Ryan was born 3pm, and we home before 8pm I could not have been happier.
Not all pregnancy's and births end as well as mine. I was recently reminded of this when Stuarts cousin lost her unborn baby girl at 9months, the sadness of this event and the effect it will have on their lives is truly heartbreaking, nothing will ever make up for their missing child.
 However there are ways to help the families who go through this loss, Sands is a stillbirth and neonatal death charity, giving support to those affected by the death of a child, helping health professionals offer correct support and researching the causes of stillbirth.  
It gets no government support, relying on just donations to keep this amazing group going. 
My Sister in Law Claire Ryan is running a fabulous Charity Raffle with all proceeds being donated to Mias charity page where her parents are trying to raise £10,000 for Sands, please take time to donate to her page or buy a raffle ticket, it's for such a great cause.
Love Amanda.x.

1 comment:

  1. I like the way you gave a warning which I promptly ignored. Glad I did though. It was a bit icky but not as icky as other tales I have heard.
    I also like the way you brought your blog round to the Sands charity. I am so sorry for Stuart's cousin. How cruel. I hope the charity has helped her. Am off now to see if I can donate online.
    Huge love xxx


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