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24 August 2011

Dorset 2011

For the past couple of years my family, Mother and Father-in-Law.Sister in Law and her family have all had a Summer holiday together, in previous years we've done Devon, Cornwell, Somerset so this year it was the rightful turn of Dorset. 
We stayed at Woodhyde Courtyard at Corfe. 
Wow, what a beautiful place, I loved this holiday venue best of all. 
 Our holiday house was very close to Corfe Castle, where we spent a great day out with the kids, it's mostly ruined but they enjoyed scrabbling about and guessing what the rooms used to be.
This is Corfe Castle during what was one of the best sunsets I've ever seen.
 Maisie did a lot of this during the holiday.
 And Lucas did a lot of that.
 Maisie, Lucas and Daddy at the top of Corfe Castle.
 We did have a bit of unpredictable weather, this was our holiday BBQ. Look at those clouds.
 Oh actually this is the other direction at the same time, with my lovely Hubby manning the BBQ.  We had a great dinner and the weather stayed nice that evening. 
 The holiday house had other welcome visitors while we were there too.
 The holiday house had it's own pool too which when he weather got bad was a great asset, the children were in the pool at least once a day and I was surprised they didn't develop webbed feet by the end of the week.
 It also had a games room where the boys learn to shoot pool, you may notice the cue is the wrong way but that was to aid play and save the green, Lucas loved following his older Nephews around and doing boy stuff.
 Maisie also learn to play ping pong, and she now has a mean serve, which sometimes rebounds from the ceiling but that's just the way we play.
Hope your Summer holiday's have been full of fun, games and sunny days.
Love Amanda.x.

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