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8 August 2011

Tullie House - Roman Frontier Gallery

Our local museum Tullie House has had a bit of a regeneration lately, it's now become a trust held site and spent millions on a new Roman Frontier Gallery. This is something my family was eagerly waiting for, we go to Tullie at every opportunity as for local people its free entry, and the gallery exhibitions are exceptional and for young children they normally add extras that help them take part and explore art.
We went on opening day, which meant they were some extra special activities to take part in.
Nijmegen Helmet, it still has some of it's gilt and gold decoration, when worn by a Roman soldier it must have been a sight to behold. This is the first time it's been seen in the UK. 
 Maisie really liked the nudey lady statues, she thought the Roman ladies looked very pretty but may have been a bit cold walking around Cumbria like this.
 Lucas loved the dressing up section of the museum, he rocked the Roman look, and spent most his time playing with the little camping stove.
 The new Roman gallery  is well thought out, with lovely spaces and all age ranges taken into account. We'll certainly be visiting again over the Summer holidays. 

This is Maisie and Lucas enjoying a talk on herbs used in Roman Britain and making a Roman necklace.
 I hope that Tullie House continues this level of renewal throughout the whole gallery, it's starting to look a little dated in other sections. I would especially love to see more of a Natural history element to the museum, I know that this is what the building begun it's life as so I'm sure they have plenty of exhibition material to hand.
I'll do a post on the other galleries within the museum soon, until then this is their site,
 Tullie House, they have a great selection of free or minimal price activities for children throughout the holidays.

Maisie's Review: I am aged 5 and I thought the new gallery was very nice, I liked looking at the statues, jewellery the ladies wore and the boxes that you had to guess the smells. I really liked dressing up but got very hot, I think the Romans would have been very tired wearing this for work. Everything was exciting and interesting but the skeletons were a bit creepy. I would like to go again and see if they are still creepy.
Maisie Simone Ryan.


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