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8 November 2011

Barbie/Disney Doll holder.

As a Mum finding your Daughters collection of Disney/Barbies like this not uncommon. Which is a shame after spending all that money on them, you can't see them, also their hair goes crazy. After this picture was taken I spent 20 minutes combing Rapunzels hair and it's still all matted.
 So I came up with a plan, I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this but I bought a over the door shoe holder from Dunelm £3.99, and a fabric pen. I liked the plain colour but they did have bright blue and pink too.
 I wrote the names of the dolls Maisie already has, leaving gaps for future dolls, I kept them even at each side so the holder didn't lean. I used the last row for shoes, clothes and accessories.
 Then I got some glue, flowers and buttons out.
This a job your child could do themselves, and could be a great way to spend their day.
 Ta da, a completed doll holder.
 No tangle dolls, and you can see them all and know they're all safe.
A good way to help a 5 year learn how to look after her treasures.
Hope this was helpful


  1. Elena1701A9/11/11 19:33

    That's a really good idea, though I'm amused that you spent time brushing a doll's hair!

  2. Ha ha, you can't help yourself. You end up styling their hair too, but it's horrid when it goes all frizzy.

  3. I am off to Dunelm this week! Great idea! x


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