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7 November 2011

Remember Remember....

Every year Carlisle holds a huge Bonfire and Fireworks show, it's become very famous with people travelling the country to come and see it.  Over the past few years we've missed it, mostly due to having very small children who don't like being cold or loud bangs.  
This year however my daughter Maisie really wanted to go, she was a little worried about how loud it would be, but decided with a big hat to cover her ears we'd be fine. 
She's five now, and really enjoys having a late night, it's an exciting change for her.
 However the weather had different ideas for the evening, a thick blanket of fog descended  upon Carlisle, above is the childrens play park which Maisie thought was brilliant to play on in the spooky fog.
 The bonfire started which looked magical  through the tree line, however adding smoke to the fog just turned the whole sky a bright orange, meaning the fireworks just matched the background.
 Can you spot the fireworks? Luckily we could see a few, better than the camera picked it up.
Maisie and I had an awesome night, drinking hot chocolate and cuddled up in the dark. 
 I think she really enjoyed the event, she loved that we were out really late and we celebrated with late night chips on the way home like all nights out should end.
Hope your Bonfire weekends were safe and fun filled.

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