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20 February 2012

Little wall of love

So far I've found it quite difficult living in a rented house to make any of it feel really mine, as we're not planning on staying in this house too long I don't want to get furniture that fits around it or make any feature too permanent. I do however love this wall in our dining room, the radiator has a cover on it making a mantlepiece which I've decorated with treasure and the wall above is filled with stuff I love.
I was inspired by Lucy at Attic24 to make these lovely letters, hers was done using coloured paper but I wanted mine a little more textured so used fine fabric glued over a template. My daughter wants one of these for her room too, and I think I'll make some for my shop during Easter.
The lovely swallow picture was made by fellow blogger Apryl(Meridian Ariel) and was sent with a great array of other gifts which I will blog about soon as they were fab. I need to finish her return gift soon but more about that later.
When ever we go for walks Maisie as developed my habit with collecting things as we go, this was a little collection we glued into a box frame from walks in 2011, she likes it as it looks like the boxes you get in natural history museums.
This huge piece of drift wood washed up at the side of the River Eden, Stu and I found it when we fist started going out together 18years ago, I love the shape of it and it makes a great focal point.
Either side of the driftwood I have out collection of stones picked up from various outings around the country, this also has my huge candle my boss gave me as a birthday present, it smells of oranges.
More collection stones as well as my crocheted tea light holder, this was the first one I made, the other candle holder will get it's covering soon enough.
 Bit of a strange sign but it came from the farm I grew up on as a child, I have memories of the electric fences as a child and did get zapped a few times tying to jump them, thinking of the buzzing noise they made makes me feel all tingly.
 The canvas is one I got Stu made up for Christmas last year, it's a great picture he took of Bitts Park on  a frosty morning, I find it such a peaceful image to look at.
 The plate was a lovely gift from my other boss and fellow blogger Sally ( I do have lovely bosses) its called Mystic Daisy and is from Celia Birtwell. It's wonderful and I think I may have to collect some more.
 I found this vintage butterfly collection in our local market charity shop for £4, she had loads more but they were much bigger and I didn't have the pennies that day. I'd love some more, maybe with beetles or spiders.
 My Home Sweet Home plaques was bought from a bargain shop for 99p ages ago, it's there to remind me that your home is as sweet as you make it.
So there you go a peek in to my home, what's your favourite part or your house? If you blog it leave me a link in the comments.

1 comment:

  1. I love your wall! And i kept thinking 'where have i seen the fabric on your love letters?!?!?!' and i have just thought…..its wrapped around my bike handle bars!!! And the drift wood is pretty…..i often wish Martin would put his wood skills into making some driftwood shelves….


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