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21 February 2012

Way of the Warrior

During half term we got the chance to take Maisie to Way of the Warrior, a exhibition of epic movie arms and armoury, being held at Tullie House Museum which we're lucky enough to have on our doorstep.
The props came from films such as Centurion, King Arthur, The Last Samurai and Gladiator.

This is Maisie unimpressed at the weight of the gauntlet, the exhibition is great as not only do they have the costumes on display, but most of them you can try on and get a real feel for how they would have felt wearing them. 

 Maisie styling in her helmet, having tried on these props I was surprised at how heavy they were, even ones made from new materials weighed down. I imagine it's not comfortable being an actor having to do a full day in this stuff, let alone what it would have been like in it's true era.

Just one of the full suits of amour on display.

 Ha ha. this was her favourite helmet she thought it made her look like a chicken, and a course we had to dress Daddy up too. The shield his holding was extremely heavy, I couldn't have imaged holding it for any length of time.
The display boards told you about the history of each era that the costume came from, and the comparisons to the film, they also have a competition to win a helmet which looked awesome.  
Well done Tullie for putting on another fine exhibition.



  1. That picture of Stu really made me laugh :)

  2. Anonymous27/2/12 21:13

    Dear Amanda
    I'm glad you enjoyed the exhibition, we have linked your review to our facebook page, Pop-Up Exhibitions you can follow us if you like.

    Best wishes
    Barry Chandler
    Pop-Up Exhibitions Ltd(creators of Way of the Warrior: Epic Movie Arms and Armour)


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