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10 April 2012

Alnwick Castle

The second largest inhabited castle in England, it's been the home to the Percys, the Duke of Northumberland's family for 700 years. 
The castle featured as Hogwart's in the first 2 Harry Potter films. 
It now runs Harry Potter themed weekends for children, although lots of adults seemed to be enjoying them.  They have lots of different events all year round.

Maisie, Lucas and Daddy and Ben got to do some broomstick training with the castles resident wizards.
 Maisie was a natural, getting to fly and making her broom float no problem
There's a part of the castle called Dragons Quest which if you have nervous or young children you may want to check it our first before taking them through, it's very old style haunted house. 
There was so much to do in the grounds that we never got the chance to go round the main house inside.

 There was a magic show performed by Hagrid and Harry, but my 2 were too busy with the games arena. There was a chance to dress up, make ceramic tiles, make a wizards wand, fight a knight game and drawing your own shield. All the castle helpers were dressed in period dress and really seemed to enjoy their jobs. 

 We didn't get to visit Alnwick Gardens this time as we were shattered, but will definitely make a point of going next time. 
As a family of four it cost £36 pounds so it's not the cheapest entry fee, but that price does include an unlocked ticket which allows you unlimited return visits for a year. More information on prices for The Castle and Alnwick Gardens can be found here.
 This is one venue which will defiantly be a family favourite for years to come.

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