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10 April 2012

Sea, sand and sickness

So for a few years now we've been taking holidays with family down south, however this year we went North instead and headed towards Northumberland.  It's not far to drive just over an hour and the beaches there are wonderful. We were staying in a grand and beautiful holiday house, they have to be quite big as it's for Sue & Dave(Mother/Father-in-Law) and their dog Fox, Claire and Lee(Sister/Brother-in-Law), their children Ben and Josh and their dog Bonnie and myself, Stu, Maisie and Lucas.

We were staying within a short drive/long walk with children from Cresswell beach, a shell finders haven, and after a week of beautiful weather I was hopeful it would continue throughout the week. 
Well how wrong was I, and the week had more in store than a bit of dodgy weather.

I'll leave the highlights for other posts but a quick run down of the week is 
arrive to lovely house settle in, weather nice.

Alnwick Castle (Harry Potter day), weather nice, Barter Books, Ben get sickness bug.

Holy Island, pleasant weather, long walk, Lucas gets sickness bug.

Cragside, beautiful weather and amazing place, long walks, great bridge, play the hat game :-)

Farm park outing, it bloody snows, came home to 12 hour power cut, drink a lot by candle light.

Claire gets sickness bug, Meal at Tree house at Alnwick, get call from solicitor to say house sale can complete, Stu and I have to drive home remove furniture from house and post keys into estate agents. Goodbye house. I start throwing up on way back, sickness bug gets me.

Sunny :-) Bamburgh Castle (amazing), picnic, surreal telephone call in Castle to sale house sale is completed. Onto the beach, everything is lovely. Maisie get sickness bug.

Pack up, Stu complains of tummy aches :-( bug comes home with us.

All in all a strange and yet wonderful holiday, and in the next few posts I'll explain why.
Hope you had a great half term holiday


  1. I can't believe you were so unlucky with the illnesses, and the power cut, and the snow!

  2. I know but even so I loved the holiday, place was amazing and company was great.x.


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