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14 April 2012

Fairy Tales in Photos

Last month Hannah who I've worked with for several years got married, her lovely Husband to be had proposed while they were in New York a city they both adore, and the wedding was New York themed.
  We wanted to get them a special gift from everyone at work, they were going to New York and Las Vegas but also wanted to fly over The Grand Canyon but didn't think they could afford it; we decided to give them cash.
But really... cash just isn't a special gift to me, I know that will help them do something special, but I love finding gifts more, and we had a bit of funds kept by for some presents too. 
As a couple we knew (my sister is her friend,so we had a spy in their mist) they liked unfussy, simple design elements in bold colours. These Rob Ryan mugs seemed perfect.
But we wanted something special to them, a gift that showed we all really thought lots of them as a couple. We wanted something designed just for them, I'd never commissioned my own piece of art before and I must say it was very daunting. Doubly so as the finished piece wasn't for me. 
Originally I'd had an idea of making something embroidered with words to make up a picture of the New York skyline or a big apple (New York, get it), but I knew I'd never get it near finished in time for their wedding. So instead we'd started to look at sites which made personalised prints.
A friend on Twitter(love it) recommended Photofairytales . I contacted Sarah to discuss a commission and was pleasantly surprised at the price for a piece she designs ( I can't put it here incase the bride and groom read) making it a very affordable and special gift. I had a very definite image of what I wanted and was surprised when the first prove came through and she'd got what I wanted straight away. Communication was very easy and I was able to feel confident about the design process, adding Example in at the last minute as they Facebooked meeting him while on honeymoon.

It's wonderful, containing things special to the happy couple, and permanent reminder of their life together, wedding day and honeymoon. 
They were over the moon with their gift, as was I with Sarah's level of customer service and design. 
Thank you for a lovely canvas, made by someone who truly cares about their work.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, thank you so much for such a lovely piece! I'm delighted to hear that Hannah and Adam enjoyed their canvas too, that means the world to me. Take care, Sarah :)


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