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3 May 2012

Make Do & Mend

 Now with our house sold I'm having to get used to fully living in a rented property until we can save enough to again buy our own bricks and mortar. Living in rented can be a little difficult when it comes to decorating, when you need to give your surrounding a lift you have to work with what you have. 

Our dining room needs a bit of loving especially our table, the table itself was borrowed from my sister-in-law so I can't really do as I'd like and paint it.
 However I can recover it in something that's removable, with a little help from Lucas; some vinyl fabric; and a staple gun, the transformation is complete.
 We did the chair covers to as they get quite messy with 2 young children spilling on them. 
Much better now but I'd still like to paint it white.

The next thing I re-made wasn't something I needed but a want, my friend has a blackboard with a gold vintage frame which she got from Heals. This is my cheapo version.

Take one ugly tobacco stained yellow oil painting bought for £2 from local charity shop.  Sand the painting down as the oil could be quite bumpy.
Add as many coats of blackboard paint(£2.85 from Wilkcos) as necessary to cover picture, opps still looks a bit bumpy. Another sanding and some more coats of paint.
It still is a bit rough but does the job and I think looks impressive.


  1. That table has done well - it must be 15 years old! Looks great now too :)
    But I have to say, I utterly love the blackboard! I would completely love that in my kitchen... just need to build an extension so it would fit now ;)

  2. Anonymous5/5/12 14:32

    Love the blackboard! Makes me think how much my house needs a makeover tho....!


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