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11 May 2012

Wonderful Soggy Walk

On Wednesday Stu and I had the joy of a child free few hours together, and headed of to Keswick for the day.  Stu picked a scenic route from Keswick Lakeside to Castlerigg stone circle. We set out after enjoying a scrummy breakfast at Pumkin bistro, the rain had eased and the sky had bits of blue in it. 
However it soon clouded again, and out scenic route took a soggy meander through a steep woodland track, across a field, a road, another field, another wood, farm(where a bloke stuck his head out of a caravan to say we were going the wrong way) 
  another steep woodland path, over a bridge, through several fields full of lambs over another road, down a tiny road over a wall and finally....we found the stone circle. However by this point the rain was torrential, we were aching and cold and couldn't rise taking out the fancy camera for photographs.  
 We headed back to Keswick a much less scenic but more direct route, to warm us up we stopped by the lovely Temporary Measure. It's a shop that needs sought out, I've long seen followed Emma through craft fairs, then on twitter, then her blog and was so inspired in her shop...oh one day, one day.
 She's a lover of liberty, rabbits, yarn, buttons, bears and tea this girl can do no wrong. She was gracious even when a hasty bag turn resulted in taking half her canvases from the wall, thankful Stu has a stealth catching style, probably from being married to such a clutz as me.
 Every available wall space, nook crany and shelf was filled with beautifully designed bags, books and canvases. I couldn't resist buying Maisie a copy of Once Upon A Time When I Was A Rabbit
 The drawings are vintage beauty, something you don't see these days in modern children's books.  I already have my eye on Once Upon A Time When I Was A Bear for Lucas' birthday. 
 Bunting and bunnies everywhere, it certainly cheered me up on such a grim day. 
I love these old suitcases for stock, the yarn arranged so perfectly and baby booties to make your heart melt.  I'm surprised Stu got me out the shop without bags full. 
All in all, although soggy, and with muscles aching I had a wonderful day out with Stu just having time to chat about nothing, hold hands and be still for awhile in a hectic world.  I can't wait for out next adventure.

Love Amanda.x.

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