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15 July 2012

Maisie's Promise

This week Maisie officially became a Girl Guide entering at Rainbow level, she's been going every Monday during term time locally for about 8 months, and loves it. It gives her a different group of girls outside of school to interact with, which is really important to learn new skills and cooperation with others.
I'd always wanted to be a Girl Guide when I was little but no one did it in our area at the time, I joined the St.Johns Ambulance force and loved it.  Learning new skills(which could save a life), camping, crafting and I even met The Queen. I really wanted Maisie to be part of something like that and now she is.
She even has the badge to prove it.
At her Promise meeting all the newer girls stood in a circle and took turns to say the promise to the group, hers is "I will do my best to love my God and be kind and helpful" we did have a little sticking point with it has we don't really have a God. We don't practise any religion in our house choosing to let our children pick there own when older or choose not to. So Maisie was a bit unsure about this bit, she learns about religion at school so understood what they meant, but told me that when she said her promise she'd think about her family instead at that bit.
They received a small enamel badge for saying their promise, and also got 2 patches to celebrate The Diamond Jubilee and the Th Year of Rainbows.  They have been doing lots of Jubilee and birthday crafts at Rainbows the last few weeks to celebrate and I can't wait to add these to her others on her uniform. 
If you would like to learn more about Girl Guides click here their site has lots of useful information on how you can join in, and especially interesting is their report into girls attitude to role models.

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  1. so sweet she is. i loved brownies,i was a sprite, very apt and girl guides,i was a seconder in kingfishers :-):-):-):-) xxxx


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