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17 July 2012

Zombie Attack!

On Saturday Carlisle was visited by it's first Zombie Walk, what started as a bit of chatter turned into a lets do it Facebook page.  They were talking about 150 people people turning up dressed as Zombies to attack Carlisle Castle and then go infect the town centre.  
Zombies seem to be overtaking Vampires at the moment in the supernatural stakes(he he) helped in part by people randomly eating each other while on drugs(or are they) in Florida. The Walking Dead is now in it's 3rd season, and there's a whole host of films and books to feed your nightmares.
I went down with Maisie and Lucas for a look and some of the costumes were really well done, although the Zombie baby in a pushchair was a little strange.  Lucas thought they were very funny and laughed like a loon at them, Maisie and my friends little girl hid behind the nearest wall and found them too freaky. 
I felt sorry for those in the city centre who didn't know what was going on, and was suddenly confronted by these characters.
I really like the zombie genre, watching films,TV shows and reading books but it's not to be a Zombie, I don't understand that role model.  I'm not going to be the brain dead, flesh eating moron, why be them when you be this...
So if the day comes when Zombies do attack, I have a Zombie plan and am ready to go.
Do you?



  1. ha ha, this explains what we saw on Sat then! We came across a zombie girl and her parents, but in isolation they looked a bit strange!

  2. Anonymous21/7/12 19:38

    Braaaiiinnnss. Thank you for coming

  3. Anonymous21/7/12 21:02

    Nice blog.I enjoyed being part of the zombies it was great fun and the best day I ever had. :)


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