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16 August 2012

Darling Fell

Well as you can tell this wasn't today, earlier in the week we took the kids to The Lakes. Our plan was to climb Darling Fell which looked easy enough for them, or at least did on paper.
They enjoyed being out in sunshine and Summer clothes for a change.
This is Darling Fell, it's very close to Loweswater a tranquil little place which gets missed for the bigger Lakes. As tourists skim this area there's not as much parking, mostly National Trust ones dotted round.
We found one on the side of the road which led up to the fell next to Darling and the fields below.
Has you can see it turned out to be a wonderful, bright day.  Costs can stack up for days out during the holidays so walks around the local countryside are great as they're free.  We took a picnic which I think is always fun, the kids love eating out as it gives them the freedom to run around in between courses.
We always express the importance of taking everything back with that we came with, and not litter the Fells.

I think walks in the countryside lead to valuable learning opportunities, animals eating litter, farming, how to climb a sty, names of Fells and Lakes, sheep's wool, types of trees and probably a hundred other topics were touched on.
In the end we didn't make it to the top of Darling fell as the path was unmarked that way and the route to the top of the a joining fell was to steep and wild with thistle and bracken for the children(and me). We still had a great trek out.
This is Lucas climbing his first sty all on his own.
Have you been on any great country walks this year. Feel free to post your blog links in the comments below for everyone to see.
Love Amanda.x.

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