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20 August 2012

A true romance

Today I heard the sad news that British born director Tony Scott killed himself, it's sad when people feel there is no other way out or option for them.
Tony Scott directed Top Gun, Last Boy Scout, Crimson Tide to name but a few.  
He also directed my favourite love film, True Romance, it's not your usual love story; the screenplay was wrote by Quentin Tarantino but it's well worth a watch; the characters are beautiful, and so many now very famous people crop up throughout.

If I had her figure I'd love the wardrobe of Alabama Worley, and think that her fashions in the film probably inspired a lot of high fashions wardrobes now, leopard print leggings and crop tops anyone? 

This is the first film I remember watching with my Husband Stuart, in 1993(yes that long ago) and will always have a place in my heart because of that.
I've included a couple of clips to start your Monday, one being the films trailer another being a couple of the films soundtrack songs. 

Hey readers. You're so cool.

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