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22 August 2012

Dreamy Shoes.

I wouldn't call myself a fashion blogger, but I had to show off these beautiful shoes bought for a whopping £10 from George at Asda. I was heading to Manchester for a hen night but wanted flats to go with the 2 blue dresses I was taking; no blisters for me.
While shopping I spotted these beauties, that just seemed perfect.  
George shoes seem like a generous fit and not nippy, and after wearing for 6hours around Manchester I can say they where very comfortable indeed.
My nail polish is a great buy from Accessorize shops for £4 and called Dream, however it's not on their website any more but I have seen it in Superdrug make up stands on offer; 2 for £5.
I'm very temped to buy some more as I'm running out, the colour takes about 3 coats to build up as it's a royal blue glitter with fushia pink flecks in and it really lasts, the hen night was 2 weeks ago and this is still the same polish which is excellent value for money and great if like me you get much time to paint your nails.
What have you got on your feet this week? 
Are you resisting the wet weather or is it wellies all the way?

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, I just like this stuff.


  1. I do love those little shoes!! Great find indeed, will be fab with tights too xxxx

  2. Oooh pretty blue shoes and polish too, go so well together. I have bought quite a few pairs of Asda flats recently, so pretty and super cheap, that makes me smile! x


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