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25 November 2012

Going Down To Christmas Town

I've long since loved these little Christmas villages that fill shop windows and mantle pieces of more organised Christmas decorators. There's lots of styles out there, paper ones which light up, traditional looking house to the really fanciful sorbet colour ones, they're not something we see a lot in the UK. 
I absolutely love them, and as we have a lovely mantle to fill this year, I hope to create my own little house village. 
However with presents to buy and a BIG family holiday to save for, I don't have a lot of money to spend on these beauty's.
I can however afford this gory lot, 5 old style little decorative houses taken from a charity's donation only box, costing the grand price of £2. 
I already have paints, brushes and more importantly glitter. I think I can make these the start of my village. 
I do have some training with doing this style of painting as I used to work for Border fine Arts painting ceramic animals all day, but I especially love the idea of something that used to be treasured being precious again.
My favourite so far is the centre house has it's taller than the rest and has a perfect Christmas style tree next to it.
Are you making your own Christmas decorations this year? Which is your most treasured decoration?

1 comment:

  1. wow, I bet you'll make them totally beautiful! What a great idea (though clearly I could never do it!)


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