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19 November 2012

I like Big Bears and I cannot lie

In the Summer(what we had of it) I wrote this post on a wonderful shop in the Lake District called Temporary Measure, as it says in that post I had my eye on the When I was Bear book for Lucas' birthday.  I did indeed order the book, and he loves it like I thought it was (although not as much as Fireman Sam but that's 4 year olds for you). I also purchased the pattern for the Big Bear and the Rabbit too.
I hope to have these both in my children's stocking for Christmas. 
 Sorry for the appalling photography, the light is awful here at the moment.  It's been lovely to get crafting again, I feel as if all my inspiration and creativity as been sucked from me of late. It's nice to just concentrate on the click clacking of the needles and see a project grow.  I'm not normally a knitter but a crocheter, however I've enjoyed the challenge of actually sticking to a pattern. 
 I'm using size 6 needles and Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky (Aran), I don't normally use this yarn as it's quite highly priced(about £4-£5 depending on where you buy from) but I found a bag of 6 and half balls in a charity shop for £4 and who could resist that. I didn't know what I'd use the yarn for at the time, but as soon as I got this pattern I knew it was perfect to become A Very Big Bear.
So far I've completed the head, ears, both legs and the body.  I think with the size needles I'm using and my tension it will knit up bigger than the largest size on the pattern, the head easily fits over my very chunky hands.  I'm hoping to finish the arms tonight and then get on with the stuffing. 
I think he'll be a very big bear indeed, just perfect for big boy cuddles.
Are you making something for your loved ones this Christmas?


  1. Wow, this looks like a challenge, can't wait to see pics of the finished bear. Im not very good at following patterns, I get easily frustrated, so this is very impressive to me! I also just noticed that you have my blog button on your blog, thank you so much! I am currently having a blog re-design and I really want to have some new buttons, mainly from british bloggers, would love to include you there, if you have a button I can include? If you do have one, and don't mind me putting in on my blog you can email me on

  2. Barbara pinguey19/11/12 21:00

    I want a big bear too!!! Looks fab. I'm sure he will love it x x

  3. Hello! In your blog post did you use the information from some researches or these are totally your personal reflections? Waiting forward to hear from you.

    1. Hi ITProsperity, the information above is completely my own and came from my experience making the Big Bear. The bear is almost complete and another post will follow showing it's completion.
      Thank you for your comment.


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