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19 February 2013

Cumbrian Bloggers Meetup

So last Sunday saw the first Cumbrian Bloggers meet up in Carlisle, okay we're not the only Bloggers in the whole of Cumbria but we're the ones who have met up through twitter and arranged a date to meet. We're hoping to double the numbers for the next meeting, as new people are making contact every day through twitter #CumbrianBloggers and through the new Cumbrian Bloggers Facebook page. 
Hey why would you want to meet? 
Surely you just blog to talk about yourself and get free stuff(as 6 people have told me, this week). Well actually no, people write blogs to engage with others, we have things to say and sometimes no one like minded to say them too. Be your blog be about health, fashion, make up, food, crafts, travel, motherhood and all this and more; all Bloggers want to do really is talk. Sometimes we don't need a reply just the act of putting a thought our there is enough. Sometimes you find people so like minded through it you just want to meet them.

I think it was Jo from Perfect Hiding Place who organised the meet up(thank you Jo) and arranged to meet at The Thin White Duke. Now I've been to tweet ups before which I've always found to be tough as you sometimes have never tweeted(spoke) to those there but everyone who arrived at the Bloggers meet I'd read their blogs first. 
I felt like I knew a little about them, making it easier to chat everyone had a starting point.
 Helen aka Pierrelecat I was reading her blog before I knew she lived locally, proving that even the internet is a small world
Here's Jen from Jenny and the Magic Feather deep in conversation with Sally aka Sally Tangle
 A lovely picture of Anna from On The Dressing Table
It wouldn't be a meeting if details, hints and tips weren't discussed. 
Here's Cat from Outside Beauty, Inside Health our most famous Blogger as she was finalist in Cosmoplitan 2012 Blog Awards, chatting to Jo and Anna.

Of course I was there too,but you know me already. Go on give these ladies a read, I'm sure you'll be impressed with them as I was and be following them yourselves soon enough. 
Or if you're a Cumbrian Blogger get in touch to come to the next meet up.
I hope to be posting a lot more updates about Cumbria's Bloggers soon.


  1. Great write up! I'm looking forward to the next meet, as like you said, there is so many more girls coming forward now! Soon Cumbria Bloggers will be a right little army :D

  2. Hahaha.. This is awesome!! I can be very photogenic sometimes.. I can't wait for our next meet up either!

    HELen x

  3. I hope there can be one while I'm back from uni !
    Looks lovely ladies - looking forward to meeting you all properly!



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