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31 March 2011

Yarn Bombing

My lovely crafty friend Mhairi owns Weft Studio here in Carlisle, I sell some of my wares there and run crochet workshops. However the thing I love best is sitting having a brew and a crafty natter, she has a nice view of Castle (although it would be better without a bloody dual carriage way in front of it- politics, sorry) and people watching is a great hobby of mine. 
However it has become apparent that the drivers of Carlisle cannot park on the street outside her shop, it's quite narrow to squeeze into the spaces and in the course of one day in the studio I witnessed 3 cars bump a signpost outside the shop door, and one car bump into another and drive off.  
So I thought I must do something to help drivers see this post.

This is my first piece of Yarn Bombing, and I'm really chuffed at it, especially when 2 different people stroked it as they went past. I'm hoping to cover the whole pole, but as there's lots of other crafter's that use the studio I think it may become a mixed media affair. 
Some people say why? I say why not? 
I think it highlights the craft, but in this setting does it then become art? 
Have I someone managed to bridge the gap between artist and crafter, this topic is one that comes up often in my crafty chats. I consider myself a crafter, but what is the difference really? And what do you consider yourself to be?

"I don't see craft as something you make, but rather something you need to achieve good art."
 -Dawn Detarando

"Art can't deny craft, but refuses to acknowledge it.  In the end they are still brothers."
-Christian Barr.

Questions, questions my blogging friends.  My mind is full of questions.
Comments, as always are welcome.


  1. lovely bit of Yarn bombing :o)

  2. Beautiful bit of yarn bombing. I consider myself a crafter it suits my creations and my personality more than 'artist' would do. My son says that I'm an artist though because it's a simpler statement. I'm just happy that he sees that as a worth thing when I carry so many doubts about myself and my abilities. Kids are wonderful like that aren't they? To see things so simply and clearly. We are creators. And imagineers and dreamers of dreams that bring colour and magic to the ordinary world.


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