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28 April 2011

The Big Wedding(not that one).

Well April has been a bit of a crazy month here, hence the blog absence, so we'll play a bit of catch up.
First up, and the reason a lot of my time disappeared this month was it my friend Lyndsay's wedding, but before the wedding we had the hen do.
 Above is the lovely Bride to be(left) and the infamous Sally Crangle.
 Thankfully there was no major fancy dress themes or huge L plates, just a great group of friends eating nice food, drinking yummy drinks and having a laugh.

 You'll notice the funny look here, it's not for Sally but more likely the strange guy that came and smelt me, seriously weird, but just added to the fun.

Then the week after THE BIG DAY.
 I was very proud to be asked to be witness for Andrew and Lyndsay's wedding, I've know them both for a long time and they make such a lovely family.
 I was glad to get this picture though of my family, Lucas is putting on his photo face, so cute.
 Goodbye Lyndsay Douglass, and hello to the beautiful and very radiant looking Lyndsay Hill.

Love Amanda.x.

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