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2 December 2011

Country Living Christmas Show part 2

This post is very photo heavy, but the Country Living show was all about the sights and sounds, so I can give you a taste of one of those at least.
This stand had the most amazing colourful angora wraps and beautiful headbands woven with flowers and gemstones, I really wished I'd bought one now. The lady doesn't seem to have a website but can be contacted here.
There was a beautiful array of food on offer. Although this stall which had an amazing selection of Mediterranean food; was responsible for The Feta incident.  My friend Mhairi was offered a sample of Feta as we walked past, I also had some and it was lovely, however she'd never had it before and I can quite honestly say I've never seen a look of horror more complete, caused by eating something. Poor thing I thought she was going to throw up on me, which was unfortunate for the Belgium chocolate lady who's stand we where then stood by. She kept saying "please don't be sick in front of my stand", Mhairi recovered her composure and the chocolate lady gave her some samples to take the taste away but I don't think she'll try feta again soon.
More beautiful food on show, this stall was showing you how to make these wonderful Christmas cupcakes, with local classes taking place in Glasgow.
Ah Demijohn, what lovely glass bottles you have, as well has being happy to give out lots of samples. They had a great selection of liqueurs, wines and whiskeys but I still think my Damson Gin tastes better.
A huge light up tree sparkled in one of the furniture display areas.
The displays were beautifully done, as someone who does a lot of visual merchandising they were very inspirational.

This is Sue Quinn and it was great to see her actually crafting her unique little handmade bears and other animals, she was sewing a small mouse but I especially loves this basket of hedgehogs on her stand.

Rustique Interiors reminded me of my Grandma's house a colourful mish mash of patterns and textures. The patchwork chair below looked so comfy, I was very temped to nap in after all the show walking.

Christmas design and inspiration was on display in every small space around the fair.

It's always great to see Gillian Kyles stand at fairs, her products always look amazing quality and really takes me back to my Grandmas kitchen, the labels make me so nostalgic for those times and have great appeal. 
This stand needs a mention, Caurnie Soap Company it's real asset I'm afraid I can't pass on, it was the smell. Oh it was glorious, his whole stand looked like a old potting shed they were selling handmade soaps and natural beauty products, and we could just not stop smelling them.
Well we all had a wonder time at the Country Living Christmas Show, so if you need Christmas Gift ideas please click on my links or go here for the exhibitors list and find something beautifully handmade for a friend this year.
Have a happy handmade Christmas this year
love Amanda.x.

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  1. looks like you had a great time - so many pretty things! I love the patchwork chair :)


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