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1 December 2011

December 1st - So it begins.

 Merry December 1st, in my house this is officially the start of Christmas in that the decorations begin to appear around the house. Hubby doesn't like it looking too Christmassy so early, so I tend to start with just a few pieces and build up until Tree time.
I've had these tiny silver angels for a few years bought from a little gift shop in Carlisle, their little metal bodies shine against the lights.
 My crocheted snowflakes, I have a few of these in various sizes so they tend to appear and move around normally ending up on the Tree.
 This year is the first year that we've had a fireplace, which is wonderful.  I've found the children looking up it with my sons Thomas the Tank Engine Torch, to see if they though Santa would fit down, they're still not sure that he would and have decided he'd probably come in the front door using his magic key,like in our other house(oh the lies we tell).
 Maisie and I spent today making paper chains, I wanted to do Christmas crafts and focus on making things for Christmas rather than everything being bought, my Mum still has things we made as children and it gives me a really warm feeling when I see them at this time of year. I bought these paper chains from Marks and Spencer for £3.50, I could have cut the paper out and got some pritstik but she was too impatient and  wanted to be making, it's rare at this time of year to get time together to just enjoy a simple thing like that so I wasn't going to argue.
 These are my new Christmas lights, waiting to go on the Tree I love the green/blue colours. Behind is the children's Playmobil calender, they have a chocolate one too but I liked the idea of them building up a winter scene which they could get out each year.  
Have you started your Christmas build up yet, or are you a last minute person?
Love Amanda.x.

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