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14 April 2012

The first rule of Craft Club is...

The second rule of CRAFT CLUB is..... you see where I'm going with this right?

This week I went to a training session for Craft Club, this organisation is all about championing Craft in schools, galleries, libraries, community centres and anywhere else that will bring people together in there love of trying something new. 

The session gave a great insight into something which I think should be part of the school curriculum anyway,  doing crafts encompasses a huge number of skills and helps with co ordination and concentration.
The training day was hosted by Jessica Worley a textile artist, with a special speaker of Deirdre Nelson who discussed her recent community projects. 
The actual day was very hands on and interactive, we did some finger knitting which Craft Club use as a good introduction to craft for everyone. We also made some knitted fish which linked back to the community projects of Deirdre, I think knitting fish may now become a small obsession. 

This was a wonderful, inspiring and creative day and I now have a head buzzing with ways to bring this to my local area and my Daughters school. I hope more people join this cause and help pass on their skills to a generation which seem to have missed out on these gentle arts.

If you would like to sign up as a volunteer or want more information the link is here 
And remember, the first rule of Craft Club is talk about it.....  lets get this organisation known about.
Thank you, Amanda.x.

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