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13 April 2012

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

During the holiday we headed to Lindisfarne, taking time to check out the tide times as you have to drive across a strip of land which is submerged during high tide.  
Maisie was quite disappointed as she thought we'd be driving through the water. 
 It's quite a long walk from the car parks to the actual castle, especially for little legs.
 We were one child down due to the "lurgy" although at this point we just though Ben had eaten something bad and not that it would take pot shots at us all. These 3 are hiding from the sun and probably sweating in the 15 layers they're wearing, as it was supposed to rain and we dressed them for Arctic conditions.
 To break up the walk we wandered along the beach side looking for shells, we were lucky enough to spot a seal on the walk back.
We never made it inside which was a shame but one of the necessary evils of travelling with small children, their attention span for old things is not really the same as ours. 
Lindisfarne is certainly a beautiful and peaceful pace and I'd love to return there and spend longer visiting the rest of the island.
I hope you've had a happy holiday.


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  2. I love Lindisfarne. When I lived in Alnwick it was one of our favourite places to visit and for my 18th birthday we spent the day there flying a stunt kite on the white sandy beaches. It really is a beautiful place and I can't wait to make another trip there.


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