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5 January 2013

Blurry Wanderings and a World Waking Up

January is a time for waking up, after the tinsel and baubles are put away the job off getting on with the rest of the year happens. Resolutions are made, goals are set people start making their plans.
 For me it's a lovely slow time of year, everything seams to go a little slower, such as walking to work after dropping Lucas off at nursery (he was very excited to be back). There's no Christmas shopping to fit in, no jobs to do just time to relax and look around my city as it began it's day.

 I love where I live it has such beauty everywhere you look, and I didn't go 5 minutes from the city centre. The parks just outside are beautiful, but I'll save them for another day.
Take time to have a look around your home town this month, I'll be taking a lot more pictures of mine.


  1. Anonymous5/1/13 11:56

    Carlisle is such a beautiful city x

  2. I like the photos - there's something eerie about seeing cities when it's quiet and empty. I miss the red sandstone of Carlisle - York is lovely, of course, but the minster and some other buildings are made from limestone, which always looks 'cold' to me!


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