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4 January 2013

Friday - I'm in Love

It's Friday, and I always think of the wonderful Cure song and dancing like a loon in The Wheel nightclub as a "youth", even though it was never a Friday when it played. 
I thought I'd start a round up of things I'm currently loving, and maybe post it on...
you guessed it, Friday.

First is coffee, I bloody love coffee. I worked for several years in a couple of coffee shops but this one for the longest. It's left me for an addiction for Costa Coffee.
My favourite treat is a mocha and chocolate twist but my waistline won't stand too many, 
but hey it's Christmas  Friday so why not.
Okay so it's a shoddy image and I can't get a better one but I love this dress, the La Rochelle dress from Monsoon(click on it for a better view) for £49. I'm heading off for a special, sunny holiday in March/April and am already thinking ahead to clothes for it. 
I also think Mexican styling will be everywhere this Summer, so it's worth collecting pieces early.

Which brings me to my next love
I've always loved her artwork, and her story of becoming an artist and lifestyle is so interesting. 
More so I love her style, the jewel colours, flowers, skeletons, daily living and strength shown through art. 

Next up is this wonderful poster from Amanda Palmer's Grand Theft Orchestra Tour, it an illustration from The Bed Song, a hauntingly beautiful song which I'll admit to crying to at the concert we went to.
I would love it framed about my bed to remind me that money, other people and work should not come between you and your partner.
click the poster to hear the song.

Finally a jolly song for the weekend, fitting giving my blog title.
Have a lovely weekend.
Find something to love.

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