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31 January 2013

Linton Tweed Love

I'm so lucky to have been brought up in a wonderful city with so much history on every corner; part of Carlisle's great history is it's fabric industry. We had several mills around the city and one of the most famous in Linton Tweeds.  
Started in 1912 by William Linton, they originally employed 2 salesmen with a horse and cart, buying up Lake District wool, and selling suit lengths of fabric. 
What you've not heard of it? 
Well how about this lady?
In the 1920s Captain Molyneux a Parisian couturier introduced William Linton to Coco Chanel, and a great association blossomed, resulting in Channel being Linton Tweeds most famous customer.
Chanel still uses Linton Tweed in it's designs now and I can totally understand why. Over one hundred years of one family's life has gone into developing this fabric into something so beautiful, it's strength and depth of of colour is a joy, it's beautiful to work with and makes such a statement.
Which is were we come back to how lucky I am, next to the Linton Tweed factory is the shop where you can go and stroke the fabrics and weaves (the staff don't even look at you as strange), piles of beautiful tweeds in hundreds of colours. You can also buy the fabrics and have tea and scones in the attached coffee shop.
Just so many combinations it boggles the mind with it's fabric beauty.
Even better through you can purchase the yarn used for the tweed weaving as well, 
so what 's a girl to do.
Well buy it, that's what. 
Coming to my shop soon I be showing you how much I love Linton Tweeds buy making a range of brooches, jewellery and accessories with this wonderful, local fabric.

If you'd like to know more about Linton Tweeds and it's connection with Chanel, there's a lovely book out called Chanel and the Tweedmaker which can be purchased through the Linton Tweeds online shop, or if you live in Carlisle pop in for a visit they're all very friendly and happy to help.
Thanks for reading,

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  1. Great post, I must admit I have never actually been to Linton Tweeds. Your pics of the shop look great, I will have to pop in.

  2. ooh I did my work experience at Linton Tweeds - it was so interesting, and fun too! I love the little yarn shop there.


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