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22 February 2013

Friday I'm in Love...

With: B. Make up from Superdrug. I decided a while ago to try and replace all my make up with cruelty free brands, they is no reason for companies to still test on animals and the only way to support this is to the buy the brands that don't. 
Great idea but I'm on a really tight budget for beauty products. Mooching in Superdrug I found this new range, I was originally meant to be buying my usual BB cream, eye cream and mascara, but this had a buy one get one half price offer on. Who can resist a good offer? In our Superdrug it was quite hidden away, and not well advertised.
I ended up with Charleston & English Rose eye palettes, Longer lengthening mascara, Flawless foundation in Linen, BB Beauty Balm and Engergised eye cream(I'm starting to feel old).
With the offer, this lot only cost me £10 more than what I would have spent on my normal items and it means I now have a great everyday basic make up bag.
So far the products have worked well giving good coverage and lasting all day. I may so you in situ, if I've brave enough to put my face on here.
I think my next investment will be on some shimmer eye pots, and nail varnishes.

With: My lovely new wall additions on my dining room wall, I bought 2 of these lovely letterset trays from Monsoon sale, they should have been 25 each, but had 70% off so only cost 15 pounds for the pair.
I obsess over natural history specimen displays and thought these would be a great way  to display our various collections of sea glass, stones and shells picked up on the last 10 years of family holidays.
The sea themed box, containing shells, driftwood, sea glass and ceramics.
Below is the stone box of interesting stones but there's a few empty compartments as most our stones were too big.
This is there place on the wall, I had to re-gig some of the items but I really like it and wonder what will be added to it next.

With: Clarks shoes, which makes me feel old saying it but I know they have some amazing shoes for vaguely trendy(probably not me then) folks too. 
These Propose sandals are beautiful, although I may fall over a lot trying to stare at the lovely fabric, they're 49.99 which is normally more than I pay as I seem to destroy shoes quickly, but they're Clarks so should last well. Think I'll make some major birthday hints for these.

With: The Lumineers. I'll leave you with a song for the weekend, I hope it fills you with as much happiness as me.
Have a joyous weekend


  1. Your display wall looks so lovely!

  2. Ooh everything is so lovely. Your wall looks fab,and the make up colours and very pretty! Liking the shoes too :)


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