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21 November 2013

My life and other stresses.

So you may(or may not) have noticed an absence of new posts since July. That's because in July I came to
the discussion to start a new business, it's something which has been kicking around in my head for some time, like those shiny balls in a pinball machine. 
When I stated selling my craft items on-line under Maisielu I had no start up capital, and everything I needed to learn such as marketing, website sites, promotions etc... I had to figure out myself and with that learnt what works best for my sector. I was asked by my networking group at the start of the year to do a little talk on social media to the group, and was super nervous (as it was my first time public speaking) but got such a great response. 
People really were interested in the way I put it across, although with the nerves I forgot to introduce myself(head slap) and implemented my hints and tips. The leader of the networking group suggested that this is what I should be doing as my business, and it was as if all the lights lit up on the pinball machine in my head, jackpot. 
But were to start?
Well not by researching other social media companies that's for sure, they terrified me, and almost put me off starting at all. However I remembered what it was like first starting Maisielu and this blog, you automatically look at the famous and greatest crafters and bloggers, but they are several years down the line. 
Don't compare yourself with someone who's further down the road when you may take a different path anyway, you need to take the slow road to learn what you need to know. 
So in July I started Social-Elf. I choose the name with the saying "the elves will do it" in mind, as one of my services is providing social media on companies behalf. I thought it would take a long time to get clients and I'd have plenty of time to tinker with websites, logos, social media sites and the like. 
I had a perfect client in mind as part of my business plan, a crafter like me starting from scratch, looking to develop their on-line presence, so far this is the client I've not managed to get. I picked up my first client in a week and since then it's snowballed, my client books are now full and I'm working on developing training courses to give to small businesses. I have not even created my website or worked on social media myself yet, so word of mouth really is the best form of advertising. 
Maisielu has taken a bit of a back seat, which is a real shame as I love it too but I still work during the day at Monsoon and have a family to take care of, something has to give and that was the simplest. I have not picked up my crochet hook in months and feel totally depressed at the fact, but I have a week off soon and have promised myself time, for just me and the yarn and fabric. My mental health needs it. 
I seemed to have missed putting so much on here, which has only been glimpsed through instagram photographs, and will put on backdated updates as this blog is for my children to read thorough at a later date and see their progress to, a diary of our family life. 
Also I need to discuss the beautiful site I now write from, a wonder in blogging design, but more on the new amandauniquely branding soon. 
So that's where I am, thanks for sticking around, no photos I'm afraid as I'm writing from a coffee shop waiting on a new client. This is my life now and I kinda love it.


  1. Hi Amanda - second last paragraph - write, right?
    Not enough caffeine, obviously

  2. Thanks for the correction David, and thanks for reading.

  3. Amanda, this is such a nice post! I love that final line.. "This is my life.. And I kind of love it." That's the dream though isn't it? Huge congrats and so pleased it's going well..



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