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16 April 2014

Grizedale Forest Gruffalo Trail

Heading to Grizedale to attend the opening day of Grizedale Go Ape we ended up going the scenic route(my fault for not taking the ferry button off)and taking the ferry across Windermere; if you're heading to Grizedale for a set time don't go this way as the queues can mount up and the ferry isn't exactly speedy.  
Waiting for the Windermere ferry.
However for us it was a nice break, with the chance of an ice cream and time to take in the scenery. 
View from Windermere ferry.
Even though I've lived in Cunbria all my life the view still amazes me. For the children at the end of the whole day this is what all 3 of them remembered and wanted to do again. 
View from Windermere ferry.
Due to us finishing early on Go Ape we were able to catch up and head around the Gruffalo trail with my friend and his Daughter(she was too little to Go Ape). Below is them trying to jump out on us.
Grizedale Forest Gruffalo trail, I think this may be a trap.
The trail is a very pleasant amble along one of the easy routes, you can purchase a guide for the trail at the shop and it gives fun activities to do as you round. However we found so much else that was interesting along the way too.
Grizedale Forest Gruffalo trail, natures playground.
I love seeing kids find their own playgrounds, and Grizedale is well stocked with things to jump on, climb across and hide in.
Grizedale Forest Gruffalo trail. Maisie and Lucas about to get wet feet.
Grizedale Forest Gruffalo trail, nope not in here.
We also discovered an art installation along the way which comprised of these huge metal turning keys, when you got a good speed on them music started to chime in a tree further along, not all these worked and the keys were quite tough for even Maisie to turn. It was a great idea though, lovely to hear the music in the forest and great fun trying to find all the keys.
Grizedale Forest Gruffalo trail, Maisie turning the music key.
Grizedale Forest Gruffalo trail, just hanging around.Grizedale Forest Gruffalo trail, wide open spaces.
It is a beautiful trail with plenty of great spaces to explore along the way, we were too early to see any Gruffalo sculptures (unveiled on 7th June) but this didn't distract any from our adventure.
Grizedale Forest Gruffalo trail, having a rest.
Grizedale Forest Gruffalo trail, nope not on the bridge.
Grizedale Forest Gruffalo trail. on the hunt.
We all had a splendid time, with a picnic along the way and the sun shining how could you not?
Grizedale Forest Gruffalo trail, fa great family day out.

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