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9 April 2014


Week one of my new healthy life, wish me luck.
So as a birthday gift to myself I joined the gym, now I won't lie this is something I've done before and then weeks later just not found the time to go. So what's different now? 
I find myself at 37 overweight, currently the heaviest I've ever been(including when 9 months pregnant) and feeling the strains this puts on my body. In the past few years I've had back problems (after a bad fall) headaches and diagnosed with asthma all of which has taken it's toll on a body with quite a sedentary lifestyle. Don't get me wrong I like to move, walk everywhere, enjoy swimming and running around after my children; but now that's just not enough. 
I've long been an advocator of body confidence for all no matter the size and shape, but there's a difference between curves/healthy, and overweight/ailing. So here I go at a start of a new challenge. 
My Curves gym key.
The gym I joined is Curves which has a great ethos and is very supportive, I found previous gyms very confusing and daunting but here a feel looked after and get one to one training every time I go. I've been weighed and measured and have begun my training program and will start the complete Meal plan in May.
All my updates around this journey will be tagged #healthylife because I hoping that's where this will lead.
The Curves mission statement.

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