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1 May 2014

What's My Blog About #BEDM

So having seen the link through Anna at The Dusty Attic I joined up to Blog Every Day in May to give my blog a wee kick up the butt, and get me back in the habit of writing again. If you want to join in this brilliant idea head over to for the information, and start up too.

Each day Elizabeth has set a topic to get the creative juices going and I hope to actually achieve the goal of posting every single day in May. The first post of the month is What's your blog about.

Well wow weee, let start with an easy one there :-) Maybe I'm doing this blogging thing all wrong because I still really don't know what I want my blog to be. It was supposed to focus on crafting, but then family and children took over and my focus changed, now my life is on the turn I feel the tone changing again. So I think my blog is really a true reflection of me, it's full of random stuff, family life, travels and craft. I hope that it acts as a diary for my family, and myself showing some of the great times we've had; and one day I hope to use it for some powerful good, but have not wielded that power yet. For now it's just what it is, a small piece of me on a small piece of the World Wide Web.
Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

  1. Aww I'm glad that I helped inspire you to try #BEDM! I've already found loads of new blogs through it!
    Have fun :)
    Anna x


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