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3 July 2010

Hello Baby - Brio Pounding Bench Review

Meet Lucas my 19month old boy and notice that not one picture of him is in focus, that's because he's a whirlwind of chaos & destruction (I think most boys are), I've been having trouble getting Lucas to focus not just on camera but on any one toy for any amount of time. 

Until the lovely people at Hello Baby sent the Brio Pounding Bench to review, he loved it and its certainly a classic for a reason its strong design & bright colours make it a great toy for children of all ages; I had trouble getting it off my 4 year old who wanted to do pounding time trials. The only thing I would change is the plastic pegs to wooden ones as the plastic slightly cheapens the look of the product, but that's just me.

What's more he sat and played with the Pounding Bench for a full 25minutes before wandering off and came back to it throughout the day, the pounding action encourages the development of hand-eye coordination and the hammering motion teaches children to direct their strength and firmly grip of 
a tool.
It's going to be a hard toy to beat for simplicity equalling great fun.
We award it  9 1/2 out 10.

Thank you again Hello Baby supplier of children's toys,prams, safety products & accessories.

Thank you again Hello Baby supplier of children's toys,prams, nursery furniture, safety products & accessories.


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