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5 July 2010

Not going to CyberMummy

Saturday 3rd July was a very special day for some lovely ladies & one bloke, as they attended CyberMummy in London, a conference to discuss the awesome power of the parent blogger.
I totally believe these conferences are needed to cement people together from all sides of the country & all realms of society to make this trend of parent power grow, as a parent(who blogs) I feel I have a wealth of information & knowledge to give to other parents & manufactures of children's products. 

But that's not why I started my blog, I wanted it to be a record of the things I crafted, in fact it's becoming clear to me that my blog doesn't seem to have one main focus but maybe that's more like me. As a mother, crafter, blogger, wife, shop manager & owner of my online store I feel pulled in many directions, which is one of the reasons I didn't go to CyberMummy; the other being money or lack of it. I don't feel enough like a CyberMummy to comfortably go, I don't focus enough on this blog to feel that way, & should be focusing more on my family,crafting & business growth.

Now some that went to the conference would say that is exactly why I should have went, to network & meet other like minded people but I think I've found a way to do that #notgoingtoCyberMummy.

Now anyone who Twitters will know all about the importance of that hashtag, & if you don't twitter either get onto it now or probably ignore the rest of this post as you'll think I'm a mentalist.

As the CyberMummy conference build up started #goingtoCyberMummy was all I could see on my twitter network, & as I discussed with others about not going & what we were doing instead a beautiful thing happened #notgoingtoCyberMummy 2010 was born, an amazing free flowing networking affair took place discussions & new friends were made, cocktails served by topless boys were had, there was food galore, karaoke sung & all while I stayed at home baked, didn't worry about childcare or money, crafted 3 new brooches and my bed was just a flight of stairs away. Sounds strange I know but I guess you had to be there.

So even though I'm glad everyone had a fab time at CyberMummy I'm glad I was #notgoingtoCyberMummy, because I had a wonderful evening.

Thank you Kateab, Snugbaby_claire, Dawnie_Brown, BrightonMumteen, Nikkipepper, Erica, EnglishMum, Mummy_V, SingleMummyUK, Christinemosler, MrsIrrelevantMumsgonto, WhimsicalWife, Danraine73, Pumkinanpiglet, Alybean, Chellekip, Sewingdirectory, Musingofamother, Shar13, Kailexness, JudeandOllie, Piddleypix, Loveitloveit and HelenLindop, hope I didn't miss anyone out but let me know if I did.

P.S. Feel free to paste and copy the notgoingtoCyberMummy picture above, I don't know how to make it into a downloadable badge, yet another reason I probably shouldn't have gone ;-)


  1. Ooo, a badge! We have a badge! Well done, I like it a lot :)

    #notgoingtocybermummy was a lot of fun, I had a great time and made some lovely new friends! We'll have to do it all again next year!

  2. I agree, it was good fun. Thanks for the mention!!

  3. l thought the price tag prohibitive...and aims at the yummy money mummy!!! so thats me out then...

    wish ld seen this not going to cyber mummy earlier..
    saz x

  4. We had a blast! And you still haven't brought back my pool boys. Tut tut!

  5. You have so explained just how I felt! I paniced about not really fitting in & questioning where I did fit in the cyberworld. you're right though - I am not one thing. I am a variety & although I wasn't around all day I did enjoy #notgoingtocybermummy. As for a're my bestest friend!

  6. As you know, I didn't make it to Cybermummy myself and I'm working on my own 'Not going to Cybermummy post'! So I might just have to borrow your lovely badge ; )
    I totally get what you are saying here and I wasn't around on Twitter v much on Saturday to be able to join in with your party - but it sounds like I missed a good one!
    Great post x

  7. Damn, so I missed Cybermummy AND #nofgoingtocybermummy. I joined twitter to late didn't I!

    I must admit I have been a bit jealous hearing about Cybermummy as it sounded fantastic but I probably wouldn't have gone even if I did know about it. As I have said before I don't really know if I would classify as a mummy blogger or just a mummy with a blog.

  8. Anonymous6/7/10 17:19

    We had a blast didn't we?! And now we have a badge! You're a star! Saturday will stand out in my mind as one of the (if not THE) best day on Twitter. Great post, great badge (I will use it if that's ok?!) and great to meet such fab new people! I am genuinely looking forward to #notgoingtocybermummy again next year!

  9. I was there at certain parts of the day but it was a busy day for me and I couldn't contribute as much as I'd have liked... I guess I'm #notgoingtocybermummy and #notatnotgoingtocybermummyenough to be counted LOL!

  10. Well it sounds like you had a ball and your badge is fab. Do you think your approach would work for #notgoingtotheseychelles?!


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