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1 May 2009

The Emerald Month of May

Happy Mayday.

For you guys born in the month of May the Emerald is your traditional birthstone.

The metaphysical properties for the Emerald are memory, clairvoyance and faith and its healing properties are reputed to be effective for health problems relating to the eyes, fertility, the spine, headaches & also used to enhance mental capabilities.

The traditional color associated with the Emerald is the deep green color and was strongly used as a popular gem in Victorian jewellery.

The symbolic meaning of the color green was renewal of life and nature.

To celebrate this I will keep the Emerald theme all month here, looking for ideas for a May celebration, look no further...

1. Green Candy Macrame Pendant - Handcrafted by Me
2. Bionic Frog sock wool - Flutter-by Crafts
3. Oceans Night bracelet - Pretty Peyote
4. Emerald & Jade Grass Earrings - Elinors Attic
5. Daisy Brooch - Zoe-est
6. Emerald Velvet messenger bag - Clouded Yellow
7. Creme de Menthe pendant - Glassprimitif
8. Heart Necklace - Jolicious Jewellery
9. Lush bookmark- Crimson Moon

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend peeps.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my item! It really cheered me up! xxx

  2. Living in the Emerald Isle, I love green! Looking forward to reading your green posts

  3. Anonymous2/5/09 09:37

    That's so sweet of you to include my book thong! Thank you, you've made my day :) Liz x

  4. Thanks so much I think she looks great in the middle of all these fab green picks. Lovely blog! thanks again, Zoe x


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