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14 October 2010

York Day Trip

After the wedding in York the next day we though we'd hang around for the day, we enjoyed a morning coffee in town, but couldn't get near Betty tearooms as the cue went round the corner(9am Sunday ).
We had a lovely walk around the Museum Gardens(free) which are full of beautiful plants and trees set against the city ruins(my friends house is 2 minutes away,lucky her) there is a museum there too but it's very history based, too much to take in for our too little uns.
We wanted to take the children to one of the attractions in York where they still run about a bit, we thought of Jorvik but at £26 for a family of 4 thought it too steep especially as Maisie & Lucas are probably too young to take it all in.
Instead we went to The Castle Museum a tardis of a place, full of different displays set through all ages, it had lots of exhibits that were interactive, it costs £8 per adult and kids are free, the ticket lasts for a year.
Maisie enjoyed the Victorian Street scenes with lots of shops to go in.  However as I was looking after Lucas some minus points did come up, this museum has no lifts and a lot of stairs, pushchairs are not allowed but you can borrow a baby carrier(I missed my Snugbaby it would have been a lot comfier)but it's very heavy and cumbersome(especially if your child falls asleep) and some of the stairways and street scenes can be dimly lit, I'm not sure how disabled people manage!
 The dungeon area proved a little bit scary for Maisie where as Lucas squealed happily at the projections of past people appearing on the walls, again dimly lit and very low ceilings so watch for bumping children's heads in the carrier, not that I did of course.

And when we came out it was to glorious sunshine, so after a treat trip to M&S for supplies it was back to the Museum Gardens for a picnic, some squirrel spotting(shame they all Greys) and lots of running around.

Thanks for having us York you were great fun.


  1. Arrrh sounds like you had a lovely time. I would love to go back to York, it has been years since I have been there, I always wonder if I would love it as much now, as I did when I was 12 :)

  2. I LOVE York, it's so beautiful! There are so many gorgeous little shops in the old winding streets! Betty's Tearoom was completely packed when I tried to visit there too! xx

  3. lovely photos. Joanna xx


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