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8 February 2012

A New Addition

Welcome to our household Buffy, no not the slaying kind (well maybe to small creatures) the feline one.

 My friends Mum has been ill recently, and Buffy is her cat. We've adopted her for now, and she's settled so well into our household. 
Although does not like her picture taken, does she not realise she's in a blogging household? 
The kids love her, learning not to chase, how to stroke a cat nicely and how brush her correctly. 
It's a great part of growing up having pets to care for and be gentle with.

 Buffy however in usual Cat ways has made everything around her, her domain.  As above it would seem a  cuddly Lima felt the wrath of her paw. 



  1. welcome Buffy! Its lovely having pets for children I'm sure you will all love having buffy around :)

  2. I'm so glad she's settled in well! And thank you for taking her in, we really appreciate it!


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