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13 March 2013

Frosty Mornings and A Fractured Mind

I love my city best in early mornings, the peaceful nature of it all just waking up to start the day. Sunlight glinting from the old buildings windows, and catching the newer installations.
 However I feel Winter has gone on long enough, my body is crying out for real sunshine, warmth and vitamin D. We'll all full of colds in our house, and Lucas does not deal well with illness(I feel sorry for his future partner) which means 1am wake up calls and exhaustion in the household.
 It leaves me with my usually over filled brain feeling feeling fractured and unconnected, hazy and without merit(a bit like these pictures). 
Forgetting dinner money, and meal planning; homework and cleaning;birthdays and gifts; and all the other Mum things that fill my head

 I find the half hour to myself before work most peaceful and yet most head filling, sitting in a favourite spot(anyone from Carlisle should know it) where you can hear the whole city and nature next to one another. I go through my day trying to put it in order but simply remembering more that I have planned or have forgotten.

 I feel we still have a long road ahead before we feel true Spring, and lucky for me I have a sunny holiday planned in the next few weeks. I hope to return from it restored and whole, mind working to it's true capacity.; instead of the hibernating lump it is now. 


  1. Anonymous14/3/13 10:40

    Lovely pictures, they show the peaceful, calmness of an early morning in Carlisle. Hope your mind comes out of hibernating soon, know the feeling oh so well!
    T x

    1. Thank you Terrie, wasn't sure about the pictures as what looks lovely with your eye sometimes doesn't translate. Glad I'm not the only one with Winter brain freeze.

  2. Anonymous14/3/13 16:08

    I've been feeling the same - oh to have a lovely holiday to look forward to!!

    1. Winter as just felt too long this year, whoever you are I hope you get to plan a holiday soon.

  3. It's lovely being in town that early! P.S. I've nominated you for a liebster award
    Anna x

    1. I do like the extremes, either very early or very late.
      Thank you for the award.x.

  4. I love these photos so atmospheric. I do love winter, im not a very summery person, but I know what you mean about wanting some change, im craving sun too. Longing for light evenings to go for walks and bike rides after work! x

  5. Hope to get a bike for my birthday so may crash into around town :-)

  6. I really like the misty photos, but I'm ashamed to admit I don't recognise all the photos! I've no idea where the top two are - Castle Street? The third one is West Walls, of course, and the fourth is the cathedral, but numbers five to eight are a mystery too! Then West Walls again :)

  7. Top too are next to Tullie House, 5-8 were all taken in Bitts Park. Next time you're back we'll have to have a wander.x.

  8. I feel your winter woe's! But happily the birdies are starting their early morning spring tweet's so cheer up,we are almost there! Oh and pleased to meet you while blog hopping! :) Dawn


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