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29 May 2014

If wishes were horses... #BEDM

I'm currently sat in my favourite coffee shop, contemplation a wish list, we all have them. Wish list of clothes we want, things we need, places to see, things to do by a certain age. 
While thinking these things and looking for my phone I find a 2 week old lottery ticket in my bag, we've all done it, bought one and not got it checked, Oh I may have been a millionaire for weeks and not known. So instead of usual wish lists I day dream of my millionaire list. If I had the money, what would I wish...

1. Family.
I've always wanted a big family, and imaged I'd have 4 children one day, but really money is a factor. I want my children to do things I never got the chance too, we were always worried about money growing up.
I want my children to appreciate what they have but I don't want to have 3 jobs to keep enough food on the table when I could be spending that time with them. However with a lottery win I'd like to think we'd grow our family, I always wanted to look into adoption and giving other children a better life too, maybe I'd have my big family that way.
I'd of course share my wealth with family and friends, making sure their dreams came true, that they had lovely homes to live in, I must have won several millions mind because have you seen the price of houses these days. 
2. Dream home in Cumbria, I really do love it here it's perfect. 
A small holding based in the Cumbrian countryside with fields, woods, a stream, animals, greenhouse, self sufficient, eco friendly, full of family and fun times. 

3. Own my own shop. 
As you'd be bored right, after running a huge house and family? 
I've always wanted my own shop, a crafty place to be a social hub for creative folk. All crafts, a place for people to showcase their makes, mixed with geekery and business support for new start ups. 
Several floors of gallery space, workshops, installations, sewing machines, potters wheels, oh the possibilities are endless. 
A place like that existed once in Carlisle and I was lucky enough to be part of it for a while, but as usual for creative businesses money became to much of a stranglehold, but not for me the lottery millionaire. 

Here I come to a stop, really as a millionaire that's all I'd want. There'd be travels around the world of course, cool cars(vintage) big celebrations, cool clothes and gadgets but really when you come down to it, that's just STUFF. 
My true wishes are *FAMILY*HOME*JOB* and really do I need to be a millionaire to wait to get the things I want, I may not have an unlimited income(unless that ticket really is a winner-doubtful) but I have a loving family, a roof over my head and a job. That's more than most people in this world, everything from here can be improved on and worked at so maybe I will just get my wishes but not by some fabled lottery win but by actual hard graft, determination and maybe some luck.

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. 
My Nana used to say this whenever I asked for everything and a cherry on the top, it's part of a nursery rhyme about getting what you work for, rather than just making wishes.  
So let's get to work.

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