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23 June 2009


Well I enjoyed my first swop on MISI so much I had to get my hand in organising one, I wanted to create something a little different though, so came up with a destash swop because everyone has lots of bits and pieces they don't need but would like to see turned into something beautiful.
I have so far only advertised the swop on MISI and there's not much time left, you need to sent me details by SAT 27th June, but if anyone else would like to join in please feel free to message me with your details and you can join the fun too.


Step 1: you will be given your swappers name & address on the 28th June to cyber stalk them as you wish

Step 2: you then pick out a random amount of your stash be it wool, beads, charms, metals, smellies making stuff whatever;amounting to about £5, (just the raw stock do not make it into anything) that you think your swappee will enjoy playing with. You can give them something easy like wool for someone who knits or something for a challenge like a soap making kit for someone who makes jewellery.

Step 3: Post your swap on alotted day(before June 1st), sit back & wait for yours to arrive.

Step 4: Recieve your swap then get making, you will have one month to make something using your item, no cheating you have to use it all.

Step 5: On the 1st August post lovely pictures of your results on MISI, the MISI group on Flickr and the forums here, generally discuss lots on blogs etc giving everyone a hits boost.

Step 6: Sit back look at work and feel proud.The above pictures are a little bit of my beady stash, but i may have to pick from my wool, fabric stash instead, hmmm.


  1. WOW! Thats one hella stash :O
    I'm rather jealous of that! Put me to shame!

  2. whats scary is i have a bit more than that now, add to that the wool.and fabric, i don't have much room in my tiny house.

  3. Hello, did I say I would like to join in!
    I have been working full time for over week and we have been out every night and we were entertaining our son from faraway shores all weekend and doing a craft fair....
    I don't normally do ANY of that. So, my brain is almost all used up! Can you ping me a P.M. on MISI if I am in please. PLEASE x x x

  4. you're in Jean, message you the details through MISI, snowflake.x.

  5. Hello, as a thank you for putting me in the swop I have tagged you. Details on my blog!

  6. oh not been tagged before but think it will have to wait a week.


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