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10 March 2013

Mothering Love for even a Grumpy Mother

Today my heart swells with family love, the beautiful cards and gifts I received from my loved ones have really made my day.
 Below is a card which is especially sweet for me as my 4 year signed his name, he's only just discovering writing can be fun, refusing to even try in the past.
And this a lovely portrait of me drawn by my 6 year old that came with a lovely poem on the back.
Mothers Day. It's Mothers Day hip hip hooray
They've done lots of work so must be worn out
They've worked really hard and done cleaning and shopping
Our Mums are so special to us and caring for us
They are so nice and lovely, happy and sometimes sad
Sometimes they are grumpy and that's why I love her so much.
Happy Mothering Sunday.

1 comment:

  1. Barbara pinguey10/3/13 17:11

    Happy mothers day sis! They are so cute. Maisies poem is lovely even though she does call u grumpy bless her! X x


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